Google Releases November 2023 Core Update | How it works?

Google recently announced the release of its most recent core upgrade, scheduled for November 2023. This change, which will be rolled out progressively over the next weeks, is intended to improve and refine the caliber and pertinence of search results.

Two Major Updates in Two Consecutive Months

This November update closely follows the release of Google’s October 2023 core update. While core updates generally occur every one to two months, it’s unusual to have two significant updates in such quick succession.

No Need for Major Adjustments

Google assures website owners that, in most cases, there’s no need for major overhauls in response to core updates. If creators have been consistently crafting valuable, reliable, user-focused content, they are likely on the right track.

Reviewing Core Update Guidance

However, it’s advisable to review Google’s core update guidance if there are any noticeable shifts in traffic or rankings. Emphasizing high-quality and helpful content is always a smart approach.

Insights from Google’s Q&A on Core Updates

Google has recently updated its Q&A section to address common queries about search updates. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Core updates are distinct from Google’s ranking systems. Updates fine-tune the algorithms, while ranking systems generate search results.
  • While thousands of updates occur annually, only the most significant ones are publicly announced.
  • If your site is affected by a core update, it doesn’t necessarily mean a penalty for spam. Non-spam issues could be the underlying cause.
  • Google endeavors to avoid releasing major updates during the bustling holiday shopping season, though it’s not always possible.
  • If you notice substantial changes in your site’s performance around core update releases, Google encourages you to post questions in the Google Search Central community forums. The company’s search specialists closely monitor these forums to identify potential issues caused by the updates.

In Summary:

The November 2023 core update is the second substantial algorithm change in just as many months. This marks the fourth core update released by Google in 2023, with previous updates launched in March, August, and October, each featuring multi-week rollouts.


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